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Upgrade Information for BuzzEdit Toolbox Products

The BuzzEdit Toolkit installation file contains the main program interface and all of the Toolkit products (BuzzEdit, BuzzWord, BuzzSize, Buzz-2-Stitches and the True Type Font add-on feature pack for BuzzWord). This makes for a convenient download and installation but only activated products are available for use. You choose which Toolkit products to buy. To activate, each product needs its own key, which can be a permanent purchased key or a temporary trial key. If no keys are activated then the Toolkit will not run.

Due to this change in the installation file, all related products are now being brought to version 4 regardless of the last program version. Use the menu below to jump to the Toolkit product you want to upgrade.

What's New?

Need to Upgrade Multiple Toolkit Products? Upgrade two Toolkit products for an additional 10% off the below quoted prices. Upgrade three Toolkit products for 15% off and upgrade all four Toolkit products for 20% off. You will need to request a custom quote at time of upgrade order to qualify.

BuzzEdit 4 Upgrades

BuzzEdit 4 Package


Upgrades from BuzzEdit v3 and older to BuzzEdit 4 are a paid upgrade.


  • Upgrade BuzzEdit v3 to BuzzEdit 4 US $95
  • Upgrade BuzzEdit v1 or v2 to BuzzEdit 4 US $130

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BuzzSize 4 Upgrades

BuzzSize 4 Package


Upgrades from BuzzSize v2 and older to BuzzEdit 4 are a paid upgrade. (There isn't a BuzzSize v3)


  • Upgrade BuzzSize from v2 to BuzzSize 4 US $60

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Buzz-2-Stitches 4 Upgrades

Buzz-2-Stitches 4 Package


Upgrades from Buzz-2-Stitches v1 to Buzz-2-Stitches 4 are a paid upgrade. (There isn't a version 2 or 3)

IMPORTANT: The Buzz-2-Stitches upgrade includes a key to activate Buzz-2-Stitches 4 it does not include a new dongle. If you no longer have your Buzz-2-Stitches dongle, you will not be able to use an upgrade.


  • Upgrade Buzz-2-Stitches v2 to Buzz-2-Stitches 4 US $95 (Original dongle required)

Request Buzz-2-Stitches Upgrade

BuzzWord 4 Upgrades

BuzzWord 4 Package


Upgrades from BuzzWord v1 to BuzzWord 4 are a paid upgrade. (There isn't a version 3)


  • Upgrade BuzzWord v2 to BuzzWord 4 US $35
  • Upgrade BuzzWord v1 to BuzzWord 4 US $85

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True Type Add On: If you have already purchased the True Type Font add-on, you'll need to obtain a new key for it to work with BuzzWord 4. Once you purchase your upgrade to BuzzWord 4, reply to your purchase receipt to request a new key. Be sure to include your old True Type font add-on serial number in your request.