BuzzBox Driver Installation

For Windows 7 & Windows 8

Scroll down page for a link to alternate driver installation instructions.

To install or update the BuzzBox device driver:

  1. IMPORTANT: Unplug the BuzzBox from the USB port.
  2. Install the driver by clicking on the following link and when prompted choose RUN

    Download the BuzzBox Driver Installation Program
    Download ZIPd Installation Program
          (In case your computer won't let you download the unZIPd version)


  3. Follow the on screen instructions to install the BuzzBox drivers.

    BuzzBox Driver

  4. When the installation finishes, plug in the BuzzBox. After a moment the light on the box should come on indicating that the driver installation was successful.

Power is supplied to the Card Reader/ Writer box via the USB connection. If the box is connected to a USB hub, be sure that the hub has its own power source or the box may not have enough power to operate correctly.

Driver Installation Failed or Have an Older Operating System?

Click to view alternate driver installation instructions.